remote control software for EA-PS 2084-03B power supply
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scripts to communicate with EA-PS 2000 B family power supplies (i.e. EA-PS 2084-03 B)


manufacturer: EA elektro-automatik product: PS 2000 B driver: USB ACM tool: easyPS2000 programming manual:



library to create, parse, and decode telegrams used to communicate with the power supply


demonstration script. read power supply information, set to 42 V for 10 s, and read every second the set and actual values


control the power supply to go from 0 V to 84 V in 0.1 V steps (@ 1 A) and read set, actual, and measured values using two multi-meters. the two DMM are UNI-T UT61E, one connected using the UT02 cable and measuring voltage, the other using the UT04 cable and measuring amapere. to read the DMM values sigrock-cli is used.


test which object in telegrams exist. this script is used to detect hidden commands


the resuslts from probe.rb


small script to monitor the communication:

  • connect a windows compute over serial to this compute (using port ttyUSB0)
  • connect the power supply to this computer (using port ttyACM0)
  • start the mitm.rb script on this computer
  • start easyPS2000 software on windows computer (it will use the serial link to this computer)