arduino_nanoAtmel ATmega328P C firmware template for Arduino Nano board16 months
busvoodoo_firmwareBusVoodoo multi-protocol debugging adapter - firmware7 weeks
busvoodoo_hardwareBusVoodoo multi-protocol debugging adapter - hardware10 months
clapperboarddigital clapperboard (using STM32F103 micro-controller, 7-segment displays, buttons, piezo-buzzer, shake switch)6 months
ds2432DS2432 implementation (1k-Bit Protected 1-Wire EEPROM with SHA-1 Engine)13 months
ea-ps_2084-03bremote control software for EA-PS 2084-03B power supply16 months
firefly_conductorVFD driver using STM32 micro-controller16 months
fridge-cat-repellerutrasonic cat repeller using ATmega328 micro-controller, IR motion detector, IR barrier, and piezo-element16 months
id-1_proxysmartcard ID-1 format (credit card size) hardware proxy/sniffer16 months
ir-cock-grenadeLaserTag milestag 2 infra-red grenade using ATmega328 micro-controller and IR LED16 months
led-controller10 channel 12V LED strips controller board and firmware using ATmega328 micro-controller and IR receiver16 months
led_clockmodification for wall clock to show time using LEDs, using STM32F103 micro-controller and WS2812b LED strips12 months
led_clock-oldmodification for wall clock to show time using LEDs, using STM32F103 micro-controller and WS2812b LED strips (old firmware)16 months
megacodeMegaCode garate gate opener firmware (remote and gate) for PIC micro-controllers16 months
oshw_logocustom Open Source Hardware Logo generator16 months
osmotoserialOsmocom Automatic Motorola Serial controller for osmocomBB16 months
scale_koronaKorona weight scale add-on module to read out measurement over USB using ATmega328 micro-controller16 months
screenlightAmbi/Atmo-Light implementation using ATmega328 micro-controller and WS2812b LED strips16 months
semicondutor-logocollection on chip top marking logos (vector graphics)6 weeks
spark_abacuselectricity meter monitoring system (using STM32F103 micro-controller, PZEM-004T meter, SDM120 meter, DDM100TC meter, ESP8266 Wi...16 months
spark_counterwireless electricity meter using ATmega328 micro-controller, PZEM-004 meter, nRF24L01+ transceiver16 months
stm32f1STM32F1xx micro-controller C firmware template12 days