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# project file name (use for schematic and board layout)
NAME ?= hdmi_firewall
# path to qeda
QEDA := qeda
# read project version
VERSION := $(shell cat version)
# current date for stamping output
DATE = $(shell date +%Y-%m-%d)
# revision based on number of changes on schematic or board layout and current git commit
REVISION := $(shell git log --pretty=oneline "${NAME}.kicad_sch" "${NAME}.kicad_pcb" | wc -l)
# generate file with version information
VERSIONED_EXT = kicad_sch kicad_pcb kicad_pro json
define version_rule
%.versioned.$1: %.$1
cp $$< $$@
sed --in-place 's/\$$$$version\$$$$/${VERSION}/g' $$@
sed --in-place 's/\$$$$date\$$$$/${DATE}/g' $$@
sed --in-place 's/\$$$$revision\$$$$/${REVISION}/g' $$@
$(foreach EXT,$(VERSIONED_EXT),$(eval $(call version_rule,$(EXT))))
all: print fabrication
print: ${NAME}.sch.pdf ${NAME}.brd-top.png ${NAME}.brd-bot.png ${NAME}.bom.csv
# generate fabrication files (gerbers/drill/BoM/PnP)
FABRICATION_DIR := fabrication
fabrication: ${NAME}.versioned.kicad_sch ${NAME}.versioned.kicad_pcb
kikit fab jlcpcb --drc --assembly --schematic $^ ${FABRICATION_DIR}
# generate symbols and footprints from parts
$(QEDA) generate qeda
# generate printable version (PDF) of schematic
%.sch.pdf: %.versioned.kicad_sch %.versioned.kicad_pro
eeschema_do export $< .
mv $*.versioned.pdf $@
# generate render from layout (top side)
%.brd-top.png: %.versioned.kicad_pcb
pcbdraw --silent $< --dpi 600 $@
# generate render from layout (bottom side)
%.brd-bot.png: %.versioned.kicad_pcb
pcbdraw --silent $< --dpi 600 --back $@
# export Bill of Material (as CSV) %.versioned.kicad_sch %.versioned.kicad_pro
eeschema_do bom_xml $< .
kibom $*.versioned.xml $@
# generate panel
PANEL_DIR := panel
panel: panel.kicad_pcb
panel.kicad_pcb: ${NAME}.versioned.kicad_pcb ${NAME}.versioned.kicad_pro ${NAME}.versioned.kicad_sch ${NAME}.versioned.json
kikit panelize -p ${NAME}.versioned.json ${NAME}.versioned.kicad_pcb $@
sed --in-place 's/\"missing_courtyard\": \"warning\"/\"missing_courtyard\": \"ignore\"/g' $(patsubst %.kicad_pcb,%.kicad_pro,$@) # the mouse bites don't have a courtyard
kikit fab jlcpcb --drc --assembly --missingError --schematic ${NAME}.versioned.kicad_sch $@ ${PANEL_DIR}
pcbdraw --silent $@ --dpi 600 panel.brd-top.png
pcbdraw --silent $@ --dpi 600 --back panel.brd-bot.png
rm -f $(foreach EXT,$(VERSIONED_EXT),${NAME}.versioned.$(EXT))
rm -f ${NAME}.sch.pdf ${NAME}.brd-top.png ${NAME}.brd-bot.png ${NAME}.versioned.xml ${NAME}.bom.csv
rm -f ${NAME}.versioned.kicad_prl ${NAME}.versioned.kicad_pro-bak ${NAME}.versioned.xml ${NAME}.versioned.csv
rm -f panel.kicad_pcb panel.kicad_pro
rm -rf ${PANEL_DIR}