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masterFrom `man gcc`:King Kévin7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-02-17From `man gcc`:HEADmasterKing Kévin
2020-09-12fix typoKing Kévin
2020-09-12increase watchdog timer to 10s since the device/USB stack sometimes needs longerKing Kévin
2020-01-09u2_usb: add watchdogKing Kévin
2020-01-09fix line buffer sizeKing Kévin
2020-01-09add rule to grant USB access rightsKing Kévin
2020-01-09README: document u2_usb influxdb supportKing Kévin
2020-01-09u2_usb: add influxdb supportKing Kévin
2020-01-09u2_bt: minor, fix typoKing Kévin
2020-01-09u2_bt: add watchdogKing Kévin