AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-16esp8266: add timeout and return successHEADmasterKing Kévin
2021-09-16esp8266: minor, improve APIKing Kévin
2021-09-16esp8266: add UDP supportKing Kévin
2021-09-16esp8266: minor, fix spacingKing Kévin
2021-09-16esp8266: make STM32F4 compatibleKing Kévin
2021-09-16dht22: unify DHT11 and DHT22 librariesKing Kévin
2021-07-19i2c: minor, fix spacingKing Kévin
2021-03-31lib: minor, simplify licenseKing Kévin
2020-12-19sensor_max6675: add library for MAX6675 k-type thermocouple readerKing Kévin
2020-12-10oled_text: add library to show text on SSD1306 OLED displayKing Kévin
2020-12-10font: add graphical font libraryKing Kévin
2020-12-10sensor_max1247: add library to read ADC values from MAX1247King Kévin
2020-12-10global: fix ADD_SAFE macro and add function returning sumKing Kévin
2020-12-10sensor_ds18b20: fix set precision for single deviceKing Kévin
2020-12-10sensor_ds18b20: minor, add spacing around operatorKing Kévin
2020-11-13application: minor, fix typoKing Kévin
2020-10-11README: update flash bootloaderKing Kévin
2020-10-11led_sk6812rgbw: extended version of WS2812B library, supporting 4th color, us...King Kévin
2020-10-11led_tm1637: allow the display to be upside downKing Kévin
2020-10-11led_ws2812b: minorx, fix commentKing Kévin
2020-10-11led_tm1637: fix updating (both command and data need to be sent every timeKing Kévin
2020-07-22application: re-add uptime commandKing Kévin
2020-06-24application: remove all MCU model info. this has moved to the dedicated ident...King Kévin
2020-06-24flash_internal: probe_write only tests over advertized flash (works also with...King Kévin
2020-06-24print: fix hex padding (and add spaces)King Kévin
2020-06-24uart_soft: use new pin definition, fix multi-uart support, use masking instea...King Kévin
2020-06-24uart: replace mod with maskingKing Kévin
2020-06-24Rakefile: allow to specify CPUTADIP to use SWD with CKS32King Kévin
2020-06-24application: improve MCU identificationKing Kévin
2020-06-24flash_internal: don't used unreliable MCUID to figure out flash page sizeKing Kévin
2020-06-24flash_internal: replace probe size with more accurate probe_read and probe_writeKing Kévin
2020-06-24bootloader: disable clocks after domains usedKing Kévin
2020-06-24global: add RST macros for GPIOKing Kévin
2020-06-24print: fix padding on hex printingKing Kévin
2020-06-24print: minor, add spaces around operatorsKing Kévin
2020-06-24usb_cdcacm: add flush method to wait for empty bufferKing Kévin
2020-06-24Rakefile: don't overwrite and restart when debuggingKing Kévin
2020-06-24Rakefile: halt after attachingKing Kévin
2020-06-21application: fix date display and add offsetKing Kévin
2020-06-10replace header license with SPDX statementKing Kévin
2020-06-10uart: improve setup, blocking transmission, and flushingKing Kévin
2020-06-10as3935: fix IRQ setupKing Kévin
2020-06-10sx172x: add library to communicate with semtech SX127x LoRa moduleKing Kévin
2020-06-10application: minor, improve codeKing Kévin
2020-06-10application: only show additional MCU info on DEBUGKing Kévin
2020-06-10application: minor, improve codeKing Kévin
2020-03-23vfd_hv518: minor, fix spacingKing Kévin
2020-03-17application: add dev_id for STM32F411xC/E in version actionKing Kévin
2020-03-17application: add dev_id for STM32F401 in version actionKing Kévin
2020-03-17application: add dev_id for STM32F4xx in version actionKing Kévin