AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-13application: use new DCF77 interfaceled_clockKing Kévin
2017-10-13rtc_dcf77: better decoding using signal correlationKing Kévin
2017-10-13Rakefile: check header changesKing Kévin
2017-10-09Rakefile: switch from clang to gcc because fot clang uint64_t is only 4 bytes...King Kévin
2017-10-09global: fix typoKing Kévin
2017-10-09application: fix overflow warningKing Kévin
2017-10-09README: remove external RTC supportKing Kévin
2017-10-09application: use macro to get ADC channel registersKing Kévin
2017-10-09lib/led_ws2812b: now use global macrosKing Kévin
2017-10-09global: add SPI DMA macrosKing Kévin
2017-10-08lib/flash_internal: re-add used libraryKing Kévin
2017-10-08remove unused librariesKing Kévin
2017-10-08lib/rtc_dcf77: update library to use global macrosKing Kévin
2017-10-08application: better new hour animationKing Kévin
2017-10-08application: minor fixesKing Kévin
2017-10-08README: port LED clock READMEKing Kévin
2017-10-08application: port LED clock firmware to applicationKing Kévin
2017-10-08lib/rtc_dcf77: make library compilable againKing Kévin
2017-10-08Rakefile: change library order for libm to be used correctlyKing Kévin
2017-10-08Rakefile: switch to blue pill board + st-link v2 adapter used by projectKing Kévin
2017-10-04Rakefile: provide musl system libraryKing Kévin
2017-10-04Rakefile: better libopencm3 dependency dectectionKing Kévin
2017-10-04application: fix typoKing Kévin
2017-10-04onewire_slave: use byte sizes instead of bitsKing Kévin
2017-10-04README: replace make with rakeKing Kévin
2017-10-04bootloader is now 8 kB thanks to better dependency handlingKing Kévin
2017-10-04replace Makefile with a Rakefile to better handle dependenciesKing Kévin
2017-10-04onewire_slave: remove debug codeKing Kévin
2017-10-04add onewire slave libraryKing Kévin
2017-10-04onewire_master: fix rom searchKing Kévin
2017-10-04doc: improve tagKing Kévin
2017-10-04doc: fix typoKing Kévin
2017-10-04onewire_master: add parasite power supportKing Kévin
2017-10-04global: add ms in us sleep utilitiesKing Kévin
2017-10-04onewire_master: remove malloc in favor of pre-allocated buffersKing Kévin
2017-10-04Makefile: use clang and GNU ld instead of ELLCC because it doesn't provide ma...King Kévin
2017-10-04bootloader: fix clang warningKing Kévin
2017-10-04sensor_ds18b20: fix doc typoKing Kévin
2017-10-04application: fix month handlingKing Kévin
2017-10-04Makefile: use core board as defaultKing Kévin
2017-08-20README: fix typoKing Kévin
2017-08-20README: fix typoKing Kévin
2017-08-02application: fix typoKing Kévin
2017-08-01flash_sdcard: add write data function and improve other functionsKing Kévin
2017-08-01Makefile: better support additional source librariesKing Kévin
2017-08-01flash_sdcard: add function to retrieve erase block sizeKing Kévin
2017-08-01flash_sdcard: add flash_sdcard_size to get SD card sizeKing Kévin
2017-08-01remove debug libraryKing Kévin
2017-08-01add card speed switchingKing Kévin
2017-08-01add DMA SPI difinitions (unsused)King Kévin