AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-21remove unused librarydachtuerKing Kévin
2020-06-21README: describe projectKing Kévin
2020-06-21application: add LED animationKing Kévin
2020-06-21application: remove lengthy version descriptionKing Kévin
2020-06-21ws2812b: use push-pull output for noisy cableKing Kévin
2020-06-21ws2812b: only 6 LEDs are used fot this projectKing Kévin
2020-06-21usb: increase tx buffer for debugging long messagesKing Kévin
2020-05-31README: update flashing over BT detailsKing Kévin
2020-05-31global: disable debug to enable watchdogKing Kévin
2020-05-31uart: add one data bit for parityKing Kévin
2020-05-31ld: enforce 128 KiB flash spaceKing Kévin
2020-05-31README: add battery noteKing Kévin
2020-05-31add script to configure HC-05 bluetooth moduleKing Kévin
2020-05-31README: document dachtuer projectKing Kévin
2020-05-31application: commit dachtuer applicationKing Kévin
2020-05-31application: use LSE for oscillator (and remove other board ifdefKing Kévin
2020-05-31uart: change baudrate and parity to match bluetooth module, which matches USA...King Kévin
2020-05-31global: change LED pin so we can use the LSE oscillatorKing Kévin
2020-05-31application: add action to start embedded bootloaderKing Kévin
2020-05-31application: fix date display and add offsetKing Kévin
2020-03-23vfd_hv518: minor, fix spacingKing Kévin
2020-03-17application: add dev_id for STM32F411xC/E in version actionKing Kévin
2020-03-17application: add dev_id for STM32F401 in version actionKing Kévin
2020-03-17application: add dev_id for STM32F4xx in version actionKing Kévin
2020-03-16application: add fake STM32 detection in version actionKing Kévin
2020-03-15application: add MCU verification to version actionKing Kévin
2020-03-15Rakefile: use blue pill with stlinkv2 as default devel setupKing Kévin
2020-03-15application: improve version descriptionKing Kévin
2020-03-15usb_dfu: fix U_ID decodingKing Kévin
2020-03-15usb_cdcacm: fix U_ID decodingKing Kévin
2020-03-09led_ws2812b: use open drain data signalKing Kévin
2020-03-09led_ws2812b: improve set LED speedKing Kévin
2020-03-09led_ws2812b: replace transmit with continous circlar DMA transferKing Kévin
2020-03-09led_ws2812b: replace timer with SPI being masterKing Kévin
2020-03-08application: improve familly detectionKing Kévin
2020-03-08flash_internal: add function to probe actual flash sizeKing Kévin
2020-03-08flash_internal: improve page size detectionKing Kévin
2020-03-02global: set DFU pin pre default to button, then BOOT1King Kévin
2020-02-27oled_ssd1306: fix writing to displayKing Kévin
2020-02-27global: fix LED definedKing Kévin
2020-02-27i2c_master: fix writing function to cope with read function now including a stopKing Kévin
2020-02-27i2c_master: improve sending stop and integrated it into read functionKing Kévin
2020-02-19application: minor, use proper waitKing Kévin
2020-02-19application: minor, replace printf with puts when applicableKing Kévin
2020-02-19README: minor, removed unused featureKing Kévin
2020-02-19README: minor, update board linkKing Kévin
2020-02-19uart: increase index type to allow larger bufferKing Kévin
2020-02-19flash_internal: fix, EEPROM now grows from the end since invalidating does no...King Kévin
2020-02-19flash_internal: use common page size and flash end addressKing Kévin
2020-02-18led_tm1637: allow number to be displayed without leading 0King Kévin