AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-13removed unused filesspark_stroberKing Kévin
2019-08-13fix typoKing Kévin
2019-08-13ir_nikon: add library to receive IR code or Nikon shutter remoteKing Kévin
2018-10-28minor: disable debugKing Kévin
2018-10-28minor: update descriptionKing Kévin
2018-10-28application: set keymap of 2 remotes for animationsKing Kévin
2018-10-28application: add flicker animationsKing Kévin
2018-10-28application: add strobe animationsKing Kévin
2018-10-28application: minor fixKing Kévin
2018-10-28application: move RTC initialisation before watchdog in case the locking need...King Kévin
2018-10-28application: use ir_nec extended modeKing Kévin
2018-10-28ir_nec: add support for extended command addressKing Kévin
2018-10-15add library to decode IR NEC codes (missing header)King Kévin
2018-10-15document projectKing Kévin
2018-10-15add NEC code controlled power output animationsKing Kévin
2018-10-15use blue pill as devboard and stlinkv2 as flasherKing Kévin
2018-10-15add library to decode IR NEC codesKing Kévin
2018-10-07terminal: make prefix boldKing Kévin
2018-10-071-Wire: fix docKing Kévin
2018-10-07fix library dependencyKing Kévin
2018-10-071-Wire: add family code device tableKing Kévin
2018-10-07Rakefile (minor): make dfu-util command more readableKing Kévin
2018-10-07USART: put parity LUT in header so others can use itKing Kévin
2018-10-071-wire: add option to use interrupt redirectionKing Kévin
2018-10-07interrupt: add library to redirect ISR at runtimeKing Kévin
2018-10-071-wire: stop search when not slave is detected, and mention that code 0 means...King Kévin
2018-10-07USART enhanced: add additional data bits and parity supportKing Kévin
2018-10-07UART: fix transmission problem when buffer is fullKing Kévin
2018-10-07global: add macro for TIM_SR_CCOF and RST_USARTKing Kévin
2018-06-08Rakefile: use gcc as linker instead of ld to profit from library findingKing Kévin
2018-06-08UART: set to common 115200 baudrateKing Kévin
2018-06-081-Wire: remove misleading parasitic power function, add byte functionKing Kévin
2018-06-08global: remove BV specific LEDs functionsKing Kévin
2018-06-08USB: fix packet lossKing Kévin
2018-06-08USB: fix user buffer overwriteKing Kévin
2018-06-08update code to libopencm3 API changeKing Kévin
2018-06-08updated libopencm3 submoduleKing Kévin
2018-06-08USB: improve comments and a fix of codeKing Kévin
2018-06-08Rakefile: remove reset functionnalityKing Kévin
2018-06-08bootloader: fix SRAM commentKing Kévin
2018-04-07flash_internal: fix page size detectionKing Kévin
2018-04-06flash internal: check enforced flash sizeKing Kévin
2018-04-06ld: improve flash size enforcing descriptionKing Kévin
2018-04-06application: integrate terminal and menuKing Kévin
2018-04-06USB: fix docKing Kévin
2018-04-06global: re-enable sleep in sleep_msKing Kévin
2018-04-03bootloader: enable RCC_AFIO before remapping pinKing Kévin
2018-04-03USB: use pid.codes USB PID codes for CuVoodoo boardKing Kévin
2018-04-03take OLED SSD1306 library from busvoodoo branchKing Kévin
2018-04-03take changes from busvoodoo branchKing Kévin