BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
busvoodoobusvoodoo: minor, simplify licenseKing Kévin6 months
elevainitorapplication: minor, fix typoKing Kévin9 months
io_finderREADME: minor, fix typoKing Kévin4 months
klo-assistantapp: ensure track is not repeatedKing Kévin3 months
masteresp8266: add timeout and return successKing Kévin5 days
sound_level_enforcerREADME: fix listsKing Kévin8 months
sound_level_meterREADME: fix listsKing Kévin8 months
stm32f4application: minor, double ensure debug info is only show with DEBUG enabledKing Kévin4 months
swj_finderremove unused librariesKing Kévin6 months
thermocyclerREADME: document HBMBSG02King Kévin9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-13removed unused filesspark_stroberKing Kévin
2019-08-13fix typoKing Kévin
2019-08-13ir_nikon: add library to receive IR code or Nikon shutter remoteKing Kévin
2018-10-28minor: disable debugKing Kévin
2018-10-28minor: update descriptionKing Kévin
2018-10-28application: set keymap of 2 remotes for animationsKing Kévin
2018-10-28application: add flicker animationsKing Kévin
2018-10-28application: add strobe animationsKing Kévin
2018-10-28application: minor fixKing Kévin
2018-10-28application: move RTC initialisation before watchdog in case the locking need...King Kévin