AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-08-26fix intialisationHEADmasterKing Kévin
2016-01-27correct bootloader commentKing Kévin
2015-11-11new features documents: AES, CRC, OTA, influxdb infoKing Kévin
2015-11-11add info messageKing Kévin
2015-11-11make sender more stable by delaying start, reseting address, and not waiting ↵King Kévin
before re-requesting
2015-11-11database, username, and password must now be provided to spark_angel_receiverKing Kévin
2015-11-10add AES encryption with CRC implemented implementedKing Kévin
2015-11-10values sent to influxdb all at once implementedKing Kévin
2015-11-10add CRC in receiverKing Kévin
2015-11-10add CRC in senderKing Kévin
2015-11-10add CRC library (from AVR libc)King Kévin
2015-11-10add AES decryption to receiver using tiny-AES128-C libraryKing Kévin
2015-11-10correct value calculationKing Kévin
2015-11-10add key and use AVR crypto lib. payload format changedKing Kévin
2015-11-10add AES128 library from avr crypto libKing Kévin
2015-11-10single influxdb query per payloadKing Kévin
2015-11-09add assemly compilation capabililtyKing Kévin
2015-11-08remove watchdog todoKing Kévin
2015-11-08add watchdog (now working)King Kévin
2015-11-08remove configuration from eeprom and define it in headerKing Kévin
2015-11-08watchdog test (not working for now)King Kévin
2015-11-08now using optiboot bootloader (arduino bootloader does not support well ↵King Kévin
2015-11-08spark_counter_receiver.c is now .cppKing Kévin
2015-11-08request power meter request periode to 5 seconds and make it as settingKing Kévin
2015-11-08rpi is a C++ file actuallyKing Kévin
2015-10-27add project and pinout descriptionKing Kévin
2015-10-24initial commit. project is workingKing Kévin