AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-19doc: fix docforumslader-loggerKing Kévin
2017-08-19application: remove user command handlingKing Kévin
2017-08-19remove unused librariesKing Kévin
2017-08-19application: add Bluetooth commands to list, remove, and dump log filesKing Kévin
2017-08-17application: data logged onto SD cardKing Kévin
2017-08-17fatfs: enable Long File NameKing Kévin
2017-08-17flash_sdcard: ensure card goes in idle mode when resetingKing Kévin
2017-08-16add Bluetooth <-> Forumslader forwardingKing Kévin
2017-07-22document forumslader-logger projectKing Kévin
2017-07-19application: implement fatfs exampleKing Kévin
2017-07-19add fatfa libraryKing Kévin
2017-07-03flash_sdcard: add write data function and improve other functionsKing Kévin
2017-07-02Makefile: better support additional source librariesKing Kévin
2017-07-02application: test flash_sdcard libraryKing Kévin
2017-07-02flash_sdcard: add function to retrieve erase block sizeKing Kévin
2017-07-01flash_sdcard: add flash_sdcard_size to get SD card sizeKing Kévin
2017-06-28sdcard: test initialisationKing Kévin
2017-06-28remove debug libraryKing Kévin
2017-06-28add card speed switchingKing Kévin
2017-06-28add DMA SPI difinitions (unsused)King Kévin
2017-06-28sdcard: add reading data blockKing Kévin
2017-06-27add library to read SD card flash memery: card identification implementedKing Kévin
2017-06-27use GPS time to set intermal RTCKing Kévin
2017-06-27add library for receiving NMEA-0183 GPS messagesKing Kévin
2017-06-27fix linking libraries also using librariesKing Kévin
2017-06-27use RTC to get date and timeKing Kévin
2017-06-27replace usart_get_interrupt_source with usart_get_flag to match libopencm3 up...King Kévin
2017-06-27better handle libopencm3 dependencyKing Kévin
2017-06-27better libopencm3 submodule compilationKing Kévin
2017-06-27start application after flashing it when using black magic probeKing Kévin
2017-06-27use core board instead of blue pill and black magic probe instead of stlink-v2King Kévin
2017-04-19fix function nameKing Kévin
2017-04-19update usb_cdcacm function callsKing Kévin
2017-04-15fix clean, remove unused LDSCRIPTKing Kévin
2017-04-15add microwire libraryKing Kévin
2017-04-15add bootloader informationKing Kévin
2017-04-15change baudrate to 1.5Mbps since the CP2102 can't handle moreKing Kévin
2017-04-15add DFU runtime to USB CDC ACM profileKing Kévin
2017-04-15make flash library more general purpose and optimize itKing Kévin
2017-04-15make flash library more general purpose and optimize ifKing Kévin
2017-04-15move DFU library to library folderKing Kévin
2017-04-15add DFU bootloaderKing Kévin
2017-04-03force libopencm3 to not use enumsKing Kévin
2017-04-03use print library instead of stdioKing Kévin
2017-04-03add bluepill exception: don't blink LED which influences the RTCKing Kévin
2017-04-03add core boardKing Kévin
2017-04-03add MAX7219 7-segment display library from clapperboard projectKing Kévin
2017-04-03add TM1637 7-segment display library from clapperboard projectKing Kévin
2017-04-03add own print library to replace heavy glibs libraryKing Kévin
2017-04-03add general I2C libraryKing Kévin