AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-14application: minor, double ensure debug info is only show with DEBUG enabledstm32f4King Kévin
2021-05-14flash_internal: add support for STM32F401CEKing Kévin
2021-05-14.ld: minor, fix typoKing Kévin
2021-05-14sensor_max6675: mark as untested for STM32F4King Kévin
2021-05-14sensor_max6675: add library for MAX6675 k-type thermocouple readerKing Kévin
2021-05-14lib: minor, simplify licenseKing Kévin
2021-05-14application: minor, update copyright dateKing Kévin
2021-05-14usart_enhanced: mark STM32F4 compatible (no difference with STM32F1)King Kévin
2021-05-14usart_enhanced: minor, fix spacingKing Kévin
2021-05-14README: fix typoKing Kévin
2021-05-14application: make some text only output when DEBUG is setKing Kévin
2021-05-14application: remove watchdog info (not F4 compatible)King Kévin
2021-03-23swd: improve documentationKing Kévin
2021-03-23swd: minor, fix docKing Kévin
2021-03-23swd: improve part number decodingKing Kévin
2021-03-23swd: minor, fix comment, add doc, make reset tiny bit longer for better relia...King Kévin
2021-03-23swd: expose release pinsKing Kévin
2021-03-23swd: minor, fix spaceKing Kévin
2021-03-23swd: provide function to set SWCLK/SWDIO pinKing Kévin
2021-03-23swd: use variables for pins (for later dynamic change)King Kévin
2021-03-23Rakefile: ingnore .inc filesKing Kévin
2021-03-23Rakefile: fix spacingKing Kévin
2021-03-23add SWD libraryKing Kévin
2020-12-17application: minor, fix typoKing Kévin
2020-12-17application: fix rtc_to_secondsKing Kévin
2020-12-17sensor_mlx90614: add library to read from MLX90614 IR-thermometerKing Kévin
2020-12-17smbus_master: add SMBus libraryKing Kévin
2020-12-17i2c_master: fix stop generationKing Kévin
2020-12-17i2c_master: fix wait_stop callKing Kévin
2020-12-17sensor_sr04: fix shadow counter value issueKing Kévin
2020-12-17global: add ADC macrosKing Kévin
2020-12-17USB: increase text buffer size for projectKing Kévin
2020-12-17application: implement uptimeKing Kévin
2020-12-17oled_ssd1306: adapt to ported I²C libraryKing Kévin
2020-12-17i2c_master: port to STM32F4King Kévin
2020-12-17global: add I²C macrosKing Kévin
2020-12-17interrupt: port to STM32F4King Kévin
2020-12-17interrupt: minor, fix commentKing Kévin
2020-12-17onewire_master: port to STM32F4King Kévin
2020-12-17onewire_master: minor, fix spacingKing Kévin
2020-12-17sensor_sr04: add library for HC-SR04 ultrasonic range sensorKing Kévin
2020-12-17global: add tim irq definesKing Kévin
2020-12-17global: improve sleep_us for STM32F4King Kévin
2020-12-17Rakefile: automatically get libopencm3King Kévin
2020-12-11Merge branch 'stm32f4' of ssh://git.cuvoodoo.info/stm32f1 into stm32f4King Kévin
2020-12-11sensor_max1247: STM32F4 incompatible for nowKing Kévin
2020-12-11README: port to F4King Kévin
2020-12-11rakefile: fix remove protection for F4King Kévin
2020-12-11application: add periodis RTC wakeupKing Kévin
2020-12-11Rakefile: add macro debugging informationKing Kévin