AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-23add LED arragement and correct channel assignmentfnordlichtKing Kévin
2015-07-14add videos test patterns (generated from pictures using ffmpeg)King Kévin
2015-07-14improve instructionsKing Kévin
2015-07-14add VLC fnordlicht output logging instruction and example dumpKing Kévin
2015-07-14add project README, specifically for fnordlichtKing Kévin
2015-07-14add script to parse VLC atmolight fnordlight outputKing Kévin
2015-07-14adjust to 50+1 LED instead of 60+1 since VLC does not support more than 16 pe...King Kévin
2015-07-14add script to parse the VLC fnordlight outputKing Kévin
2015-07-14add fnordlicht VLC atmolight implementationKing Kévin
2015-07-14add initial arduino nano firmware, with new WS2812B LED controller libraryKing Kévin