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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-10-16added task to generate release filesKing Kévin
2013-10-15pcb bug can't export photos with dpi >= 159King Kévin
2013-10-11add reformating optionKing Kévin
2013-10-11add file descriptionsKing Kévin
2013-10-11teardrop stage added on versioned layoutKing Kévin
2013-10-10corrected photo exportKing Kévin
2013-10-10added gerber exportKing Kévin
2013-10-07layout photo rendering addedKing Kévin
2013-10-07added layout printingKing Kévin
2013-10-07added versioning in pcb layoutKing Kévin
2013-10-07add general project filesKing Kévin