AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-21fix typosHEADmasterKing Kévin
2013-10-26corrected LED switching and add temperature readingKing Kévin
2013-10-26comments addedKing Kévin
2013-10-26dont track my todo listsKing Kévin
2013-10-21fix: channels bits for group 2 missing; add set all brightness; customisation...King Kévin
2013-10-19implement IR channel/brightness +/-King Kévin
2013-10-19mode added to uart actionsKing Kévin
2013-10-19channel PWM reimplemetedKing Kévin
2013-10-19help not in flash (program space) because there is not enough space in RAMKing Kévin
2013-10-19reset implementedKing Kévin
2013-10-19add power settingKing Kévin
2013-10-19can learn IR commandsKing Kévin
2013-10-17channel port refacrtoredKing Kévin
2013-10-17header file modification now takes into account in makefileKing Kévin
2013-10-17can now save and read setting from EEPROMKing Kévin
2013-10-17file to handle settings created, and global variables better definedKing Kévin
2013-10-16corrected flag clearingKing Kévin
2013-10-16add pcb versioning informationKing Kévin
2013-10-16add file to describe projectKing Kévin
2013-10-16ignore release fileKing Kévin
2013-10-16rename software source to firmwareKing Kévin
2013-10-16add release informationKing Kévin
2013-10-16added task to generate release filesKing Kévin
2013-10-15pcb bug can't export photos with dpi >= 159King Kévin
2013-10-15version A of hardware producedKing Kévin
2013-10-15add GPLv3 licenceKing Kévin
2013-10-15task scheduler and handlers implemented (basics)King Kévin
2013-10-14basic action handling inplementedKing Kévin
2013-10-14main handling function restructured. now flag orientedKing Kévin
2013-10-14USART activity handled using interruptsKing Kévin
2013-10-14IR NEC protocol decoder addedKing Kévin
2013-10-14added function to calculate IR pulse timesKing Kévin
2013-10-14added simple IR receiver burst recordingKing Kévin
2013-10-13better fan speed measurementKing Kévin
2013-10-13add basic tachometer readerKing Kévin
2013-10-13added interrupt handling for detecting power okKing Kévin
2013-10-13halt on every compiler warningKing Kévin
2013-10-13PWM for LED implementedKing Kévin
2013-10-13implemented simple function to test peripheralsKing Kévin
2013-10-12added UART methodsKing Kévin
2013-10-12rename main file to start bigger projectKing Kévin
2013-10-12Makefile improved to handle multiple file projectKing Kévin
2013-10-12add tempory and output files to ignoreKing Kévin
2013-10-12add simple LED blinking programmKing Kévin
2013-10-12ignore project picturesKing Kévin
2013-10-12add micro-controller source code with simple MakefileKing Kévin
2013-10-11add reformating optionKing Kévin
2013-10-11add file descriptionsKing Kévin
2013-10-11teardrop stage added on versioned layoutKing Kévin
2013-10-11change mounting holesKing Kévin