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masterfix typosKing Kévin7 years
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2015-02-21fix typosHEADmasterKing Kévin
2013-10-26corrected LED switching and add temperature readingKing Kévin
2013-10-26comments addedKing Kévin
2013-10-26dont track my todo listsKing Kévin
2013-10-21fix: channels bits for group 2 missing; add set all brightness; customisation...King Kévin
2013-10-19implement IR channel/brightness +/-King Kévin
2013-10-19mode added to uart actionsKing Kévin
2013-10-19channel PWM reimplemetedKing Kévin
2013-10-19help not in flash (program space) because there is not enough space in RAMKing Kévin
2013-10-19reset implementedKing Kévin