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@ -81,10 +81,11 @@ The `bootloader` is started first and immediately jumps to the `application` if
The `application` image is the main application and is implemented in `application.c`.
It is up to the application to advertise USB DFU support (i.e. as does the provided USB CDC ACM example).
The `bootlaoder` image will be flashed using SWD (Serial Wire Debug).
The `bootloader` image will be flashed using SWD (Serial Wire Debug).
For that you need an SWD adapter.
The `Makefile` uses a Black Magic Probe (per default), or a ST-Link V2 along OpenOCD software.
The `Makefile` uses a ST-Link V2 programmer along OpenOCD software (default), or Black Magic Probe.
To flash the `booltoader` using SWD run `rake flash_booloader`.
If the development board uses the CKS32 chip STM32 alternative, use `CPUTAPID=0x2ba01477 rake flash_booloader`.
Once the `bootloader` is flashed it is possible to flash the `application` over USB using the DFU protocol by running `rake flash`.
To force the bootloader to start the DFU mode press the user button or short a pin, depending on the board.