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This firmware template is designed for development boards based around [STM32 F4 series micro-controller](
firmware for the Bahn Uhr controller.
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*describe project purpose*
This is the controller for a salvaged and modded Bahnsteig Uhr:
- the track is made of white translucent ceramic, and RGBW LED strips illuminate it
- a motor uses the dial drive to turn the dials (in theory with settable time)
- LED panels allow to show text on both sides
- controllable over the network using Art-Net
*described electronic details*
controller comprises:
- a [STM32 F4 series micro-controller]( black pill
- a DRV8825 stepper motor allows turning the dials (hour is linked to minute)
- reed switch, to home dial
- P1 RGB LED panel (128x64), to display text on front side
- WS2812b panel (2x 32x8), to display text
- nMOS transistors to control 12V LED strips, to illuminate the track
- ESP8266-based ESP-01 to connect to network
- power connectors (0,5,12V-4pin and 12V-barrel input, 5V outputs for LED panels, 12V for motor and LED strips)
The Bahn Clock controller gets data over the network using Art-Net.
The Bahn Uhr controller gets data over the network using Art-Net.
The mapping is as follows (universe without offset, channel, target).
clock illumination color (RGBW LED strip):
@ -92,9 +106,6 @@ The underlying template also supports following board:
- [WeAct MiniF4](, based on a STM32F401CCU6
**Which board is used is defined in the Makefile**.
This is required to map the user LED and button provided on the board