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// CuVoodoo Land Pattern files (.cvlp) define the land pattern (aka. footprint) of electronic components (used in printed circuit boards)
// it is intended to be used in web applications, thus it uses the JSON file format
// it can then be rendered to various other formats, such as SVG, gEDA pcb, KiCAD, or eagleCAD
// the coordinate system origin is arbitrary, but the cvlp_lib.js library provided exports uses the 0,0 origin as the top left corner
// all position and dimensions as float values, except when otherwise specified
// name of the land pattern (for the electronic component)
"name": "CuVoodoo Land Pattern template",
// name of the author
"author": "King Kevin",
// version of the file
"version": 0,
// date of creation (RFC 3339 seconds format)
"date": "2015-04-11 13:58:46+02:00",
// unit of dimensions: millimeter (mm), inches (in), or mil/thou (mil)
"unit": "mm",
// the parts of the land pattern
"elements" : [
"type": "line", // a line (on silk screen layer)
"x1": 0, // start horizontal position of line
"y1": 0, // start vertical position of line
"x2": 100, // end horizontal position of line
"y2": 100, // end vertical position of the line
"thickness": 10, // thickness of line (positive)
"type": "arc", // a circle arc (on silk screen layer)
"x": 50, // center horizontal position of circle
"y": 50, // center vertical position of circle
"radius": 20, // radius of circle
"start": 0, // start point of arc in degrees (0=east, 90=south, 180=west, 270=north)
"angle": 0, // angle of clockwise arc in degrees (can be negative)
"thickness": 10, // thickness of trace (positive)
"type": "pad" // a pad (on copper layer). angled pads are not supported
"number": 0, // pad number or name
"x": 0, // center horizontal position of pad
"y": 0, // center vertical position of pad
"width": 100, // end position of pad (positive)
"height": 100, // end position of pad (positive)
"round": true, // round or square edges to start/stop of pad
"type": "pin" // a pin with a drill hole (on copper layer). non square/round pins are not supported
"number": 0; // pin number or name
"x": 50, // center horizontal position of pin
"y": 50, // center vertical position of pin
"thickness": 30, // diameter/width of copper pin (positive, >= drill diameter/width)
"hole": 20, // diameter of hole
"round": true, // shape of pin: round or square