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The oshw_logo.html page will generate an Open Source Hardware logo.
This logo is simple and more suited for electronic projects.
The logo is the footprint of a square chip with pads.
The body is "open" and shows the "OSHW" letters, standing for Open Source HardWare.
It uses simple elements such as lines (only 0, 45, 90 degrees) and arcs.
This allows the logo to be drawn in every board layout CAD software.
The dimensions of the logo parts can be customised to fit the board or please your eye.
Internally it generates a CuVoodoo Land Pattern (cvlp) JSON file.
The format is described in cvlp_format.txt.
The logo can than be saved as SVG drawing, coralEDA pcb-rnd sub-circuit, gEDA pcb footprint, KiCAD module (s-expr.), and EAGLE package library.
This conversion is done using the cvlp_lib.js library.
The resulting logo is under no copyright.
You can do whatever you want with it, preferably use it in open source hardware projects.
Particularly because the user generates the logo, he becomes the "author" instead of the programmer of this generator.
oshw_logo.html is under the AGPLv3 license.
It only uses JavaScript libraries and can be run locally as everything is done on the client side.
oshw_logo.html also uses the following libraries:
- cvlp_lib.js (internal) under the AGPLv3 license
- JSZip (https://stuk.github.io/jszip/) under the MIT or GPLv3 license
- FileSaver.js (https://github.com/eligrey/FileSaver.js/) under no license