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@ -25,3 +25,17 @@ Use the mounting hole to put stand-off screws, which you have to drill yourself
The board has a power resistor so to put a heavy load on the 5V output.
This increases the performance of your ATX power supply (which is a switch mode power supply), so to have better 12V outputs for the light strips.
A fan (standard 80mm 3-wire PC fan), which you have to connect to the board, will take care of dissipating the generated heat.
the version is not defined is the files themselves, but are generated.
for the pcb:
- use `rake` to generate the outputs
- is will use the schematic `led-controller.sch`, produced a `led-controller_vX.YYY.sch`, and put the version inside
- is will use the layout `led-controller.pcb`, produced a `led-controller_vX.ZZZ.pcb`, and put the version inside
- `X` is the version of the board, defined in `version`
- version changes are described in `CHANGES.txt`
- version with letter (A,B,C,…) are releases, version with number (0,1,2,…) are intermediate working stages
- `YYY` and `ZZZ` are revisions, independent of the version and each other. they described how often the schematic/layout has been modified (git commits)