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The BusVoodoo is a multi-protocol debugging adapter.
This tool allows to quickly communicate with various other electronic devices.
Connect the adapter to the computer using the USB port (mini-B).
It should appear as a serial port (using the USB CDC ACM class).
Using a serial terminal access the menu and operate the device (the serial baud rate and configuration are irrelevant).
Connect the adapter to the target to debug using the I/O connector (2x5 pins, 2.54 mm pitch IDC connector).
I/O connector pinout:
GND |1 2| 5V
3V3 |3 4| xV
I/O-1 5 6| I/O-2
I/O-3 |7 8| I/O-4
I/O-5 |9 0| I/O-6
- The 5V (up to 400 mA) and 3V3 (up to 250 mA) power outputs can be enabled in the menu (commonly).
- The xV pin is an adjustable power output from 0 to 4.8V (up to 400 mA). The xV pin can also be used as ADC (0 to 6 V) or power input for the embedded pull-up resistors.
- The 6 I/O pins support numerous electrical communication protocols. The pins can be driven in push-pull mode at 3.3V, or in open drain mode at 1.6 to 5.5V using embedded 2 kOhms resistors and the xV pin. All signals are protected with 220 Ohms resistors.
The BusVoodoo comes in two versions: light and full.
The full version has two additional connectors: one for an I2C OLED display (to display the current protocol pinout), and one for RS and CAN protocols.
RS/CAN pinout:
|1| 12V
|2| RS-232 RX, CAN H
|3| RS-232 TX, CAN L
|4| RS-232 RTS, RS-485/RS-422 B
|5| RS-232 CTS, RS-485/RS-422 A
The 12V pin is an adjustable 3.3 to 18 V voltage regulator (up to 40 mA) meant for pins requiring higher voltages to erase or re-program.
The light and full versions use the same board and firmware.
The full version only has additional components (voltage booster, transceivers), all on the back side.
The BusVoodoo supports the following protocol in hardware (tahnks to the STM32F103RC micro-controller):
- 2 UARTs, one with hardware flow control
- I²C
- I²S, mith master clock
- SD/eMMC, with 4 data lines
- SMBus
- ISO-7816
- 1 UART for RS-232 with hardware flow control and RS-485/RS-422
other protocols are supported in software.