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this version has been designed to fit in a 100x60x25mm enclosure.
this makes it very compact, and not all surface mount parts fit on one side.
this is not too much of an issue since it's a hand soldered prototype.
the prototype mostly works, with a couple of small errors:
- 6-40V power input is not activated unless the hub is already powered (through USB or 5V input)
- crystal oscillator doesn't always start. I think the underlying copper plane skewed the impedance/capacitance too much
- USB-A footprint has inverted pinout: just solder it on the other side and don't swap the data pins in the EEPROM configuration
- fuse on downstream port is not fast enough to prevent shorts and causes the hub to reset
- 6-40V power input capacitor is too tall and does not fit in the case
- one of the LEDS on port 3 is misplaced