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2021-07-22 12:22:24 +02:00
these are the hardware design files for **insert project name here**.
to be able to generate the outputs you need following software:
- rake: the central script taking care of generating the output files (Makefile is too cumbersome to parse files)
- [QEDA]( to generate footprints for the parts
- [Lepton EDA]( for the schematic capture
- [pcb-rnd]( for the board layout
the output generation is automatized.
almost all of the symbols and footprints used in the schematic and board layout are defined in the [QEDA]( format and generated for the CAD software.
the `library` folder contains the QEDA parts definitions.
to install QEDA using NPM from the official repository:
sudo npm install -g qeda
to install QEDA from the sources:
git clone
cd qeda
npm install
sudo npm install --global
to generate the parts:
rake library
this will use the parts definition (.yaml files) in the `library` to generate [gEDA gschem]([Lepton EDA]( symbols (.sym files) in the `geda/symbols` folder, and [coralEDA pcb-rnd]( footprints (.lht files) in the `coraleda/subc` folder.
only the QEDA parts in subfolders within `library` come from the [QEDA library](, but the files are included in this project for simplicity and archiving purposes.
all other parts are custom and written for this project.
the `.sch` file is the schematic source file.
it has been drawn using [Lepton EDA](
it uses standard symbols, and the ones in the `geda/symbols/` folder.
most symbols are generated by QEDA as described above.
to export the netlist (in tEDAx format):
rake netlist
to export as pdf:
rake print
to export the bill of material (as CSV):
rake bom
the `.lht` file is the board layout source file.
it has been drawn using [coralEDA pcb-rnd](
it uses the symbols from the `coraleda/subc/` folder.
most symbols are generated by QEDA as described above.
`oshw_logo.lht` is just the Open Source Hardware Logo.
it been generated from
to export gerber files for PCB manufacturer (and photo preview + overview document):
rake fabrication