electronic parts definitions for QEDA

Updated 2 months ago

Korona weight scale add-on module to read out measurement over USB using ATmega328 micro-controller

Updated 1 year ago

Ambi/Atmo-Light implementation using ATmega328 micro-controller and WS2812b LED strips

Updated 1 year ago

collection on chip top marking logos (vector graphics)

Updated 5 months ago

electricity meter monitoring system (using STM32F103 micro-controller, PZEM-004T meter, SDM120 meter, DDM100TC meter, ESP8266 WiFi module)

Updated 1 year ago

wireless electricity meter using ATmega328 micro-controller, PZEM-004 meter, nRF24L01+ transceiver

Updated 1 year ago

STM32F1xx micro-controller C firmware template

Updated 7 months ago

STM8S firmware template

Updated 6 months ago

USB cable tester (hardware sources)

Updated 1 year ago

programs read out measurements from the WEB/WITRN/GZUt/QWay U2/U2p USB power meter over USB and Bluetooth

Updated 1 year ago