BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
busvoodoobusvoodoo: minor, simplify licenseKing Kévin6 months
elevainitorapplication: minor, fix typoKing Kévin9 months
io_finderREADME: minor, fix typoKing Kévin4 months
klo-assistantapp: ensure track is not repeatedKing Kévin3 months
masteresp8266: add timeout and return successKing Kévin5 days
sound_level_enforcerREADME: fix listsKing Kévin8 months
sound_level_meterREADME: fix listsKing Kévin8 months
stm32f4application: minor, double ensure debug info is only show with DEBUG enabledKing Kévin4 months
swj_finderremove unused librariesKing Kévin6 months
thermocyclerREADME: document HBMBSG02King Kévin9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-09-14README: fix formatingonewire-slaveKing Kévin
2017-08-07README: document DS2432 implementationKing Kévin
2017-08-07application: implement DS2432 (the reading part)King Kévin
2017-08-07onewire_slave: use byte sizes instead of bitsKing Kévin
2017-08-07README: replace make with rakeKing Kévin
2017-08-06bootloader is now 8 kB thanks to better dependency handlingKing Kévin
2017-08-06replace Makefile with a Rakefile to better handle dependenciesKing Kévin
2017-08-04onewire_slave: remove debug codeKing Kévin
2017-08-03application: example of 1-Wire slave usageKing Kévin
2017-08-03add onewire slave libraryKing Kévin