AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-30button press and character input reset sleep timeoutHEADmasterKing Kévin
2018-04-30switch cross-compiler from ELLCC to GCCKing Kévin
2018-04-30switch UART baudrate to standard 115200King Kévin
2017-05-21fix list indentationKing Kévin
2017-05-21document PWMKing Kévin
2017-05-21add final prototype documentationKing Kévin
2017-05-21adjust definitions to prototype and add documentationKing Kévin
2017-05-18enable shutdown againKing Kévin
2017-05-17ds1307: fix read/write lenghtKing Kévin
2017-05-17show numbersKing Kévin
2017-05-17set buyyer to 4khz to be louderKing Kévin
2017-05-17increment only take on clapKing Kévin
2017-05-17read/write numbers into eepromKing Kévin
2017-05-17ds1307: add eeprom read/writeKing Kévin
2017-05-14add clap buttonKing Kévin
2017-05-07add number saving in ds1307 ramKing Kévin
2017-05-07add time adjustmentKing Kévin
2017-05-06tm1637: set frequency to 50 kHz because of capacitanceKing Kévin
2017-05-06control numbers using buttonsKing Kévin
2017-05-06display numbersKing Kévin
2017-05-06add button press detectionKing Kévin
2017-05-06print: improve paddingKing Kévin
2017-05-05 add morse code outputKing Kévin
2017-05-04add piezo-buzzer controller using PWMKing Kévin
2017-05-04fix docKing Kévin
2017-05-04fix documentationKing Kévin
2017-05-04remove unsused filesKing Kévin
2017-05-04add keep-alive detectionKing Kévin
2017-05-04tm1637: fix timing for first bitKing Kévin
2017-05-04fix tm1637: always send 3 command typesKing Kévin
2017-05-04add proper shutdownKing Kévin
2017-05-04add docKing Kévin
2017-05-04fix: use arm-none-eabi-gdb instead of gdb to debugKing Kévin
2017-05-02document multiplexerKing Kévin
2017-05-02control 7 TM1637 displays using multiplexerKing Kévin
2017-05-02change UART speed to 1.5 Mbps because CP2101 can't handle 2 MpbsKing Kévin
2017-05-02minor fixKing Kévin
2017-04-02add wakeup connectionKing Kévin
2017-04-02add stand by and wake up functionnalityKing Kévin
2017-04-02fix docKing Kévin
2017-04-02add frame time and displayKing Kévin
2017-04-02add command flushing and broadcastKing Kévin
2017-04-02switch UART debug ouput to 2 Mbps instead of slow legacy 115200 bpsKing Kévin
2017-04-02use RTC square wave output to sync on secondsKing Kévin
2017-04-02add info to debug flashing failureKing Kévin
2017-04-01show time and date on 8-digit displaysKing Kévin
2017-04-01can now control daisy-chained MAX7219 displaysKing Kévin
2017-04-01fix documentationKing Kévin
2017-04-01add peripheral connectionKing Kévin
2017-04-01add project presentationKing Kévin