stm32f1STM32F1xx micro-controller C firmware template5 days
semicondutor-logocollection on chip top marking logos (vector graphics)2 weeks
micro-usb_cable_testerThe micro-USB cable tester verifies if a USB 2.0 cable with micro-B plug can be used to transfer data, or just for charging.3 weeks
boardtemplate for printed circuit boards and hardware projects3 weeks
megacodeMegaCode garate gate opener firmware (remote and gate) for PIC micro-controllers3 weeks
qeda_libraryelectronic parts definitions for QEDA2 months
busvoodoo_firmwareBusVoodoo multi-protocol debugging adapter - firmware6 months
f103idfirmware to identify xx32F103xx micro-controllers7 months
web-u2programs read out measurements from the WEB/WITRN/GZUt/QWay U2/U2p USB power meter over USB and Bluetooth7 months
sound_level_enforcerretrieve sound level over Bleutooth and switch off mains when exceeding threshold8 months
sound_level_meterread sound level from GM1351 meter using LCD interface8 months
stm8sSTM8S firmware template12 months
usb_cable_testerUSB cable tester (hardware sources)18 months
spark_strobermains controller to create light strobes2 years
oshw_logocustom Open Source Hardware Logo generator2 years
clapperboarddigital clapperboard (using STM32F103 micro-controller, 7-segment displays, buttons, piezo-buzzer, shake switch)3 years
busvoodoo_hardwareBusVoodoo multi-protocol debugging adapter - hardware4 years
led_clockmodification for wall clock to show time using LEDs, using STM32F103 micro-controller and WS2812b LED strips4 years
ds2432DS2432 implementation (1k-Bit Protected 1-Wire EEPROM with SHA-1 Engine)4 years
spark_abacuselectricity meter monitoring system (using STM32F103 micro-controller, PZEM-004T meter, SDM120 meter, DDM100TC meter, ESP8266 Wi...4 years
arduino_nanoAtmel ATmega328P C firmware template for Arduino Nano board4 years
firefly_conductorVFD driver using STM32 micro-controller4 years
led-controller10 channel 12V LED strips controller board and firmware using ATmega328 micro-controller and IR receiver4 years
osmotoserialOsmocom Automatic Motorola Serial controller for osmocomBB4 years
spark_counterwireless electricity meter using ATmega328 micro-controller, PZEM-004 meter, nRF24L01+ transceiver4 years
screenlightAmbi/Atmo-Light implementation using ATmega328 micro-controller and WS2812b LED strips4 years
ea-ps_2084-03bremote control software for EA-PS 2084-03B power supply4 years
scale_koronaKorona weight scale add-on module to read out measurement over USB using ATmega328 micro-controller4 years
id-1_proxysmartcard ID-1 format (credit card size) hardware proxy/sniffer4 years
led_clock-oldmodification for wall clock to show time using LEDs, using STM32F103 micro-controller and WS2812b LED strips (old firmware)4 years
fridge-cat-repellerutrasonic cat repeller using ATmega328 micro-controller, IR motion detector, IR barrier, and piezo-element4 years
ir-cock-grenadeLaserTag milestag 2 infra-red grenade using ATmega328 micro-controller and IR LED4 years